Friday, July 28, 2006


None of us really wanted to go to a 2 hour dance class after Faculty meeting, but then none of us wanted to walk home in the rain. We went to the class. It was in a brightly coloured room packed with about 35 women of all ages and sizes and exactly 9 men (we knew because the instructor had to count them). The instructor himself was very pretty and when he stood on the stage to show us the hip movements and tucked his shirt into his trousers there was an awful lot of nervous giggling from the women. It was a great class with the very beginnings of salsa, meringue, bolero, cha-cha and the local and more folksy cumbia. We sweated like we do everyday, but it was more fun to be sweating to music. Gradually over the course of the class people dropped out and sat down, there were about 15 of us left by the end. We're going back for sure next week.

One of the interns is a professional dancer and she's offereing 'stretch, strengthen and relax' classes twice a week. We began yesterday. Everyone had forgotten the strengthen part and I for one was totally shocked when the opress ups and lunges came. We'll be so buff by the end of this, for sure.