Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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It’s Friday afternoon, the monkeys haven’t started their afternoon chorus, so it’s not 4:30 yet, but it must be close. The temperature dropped out of the muggy and into the cooler, stiller part of the day where the air feels heavy. I think it will rain tonight. I’m sitting on my deck eating sweet tahini from a jar and all is well. All is well. Young Jack is at my feet, Hoss and LJ are off with friends, there’s a toucan scritching his beak somewhere to my right, a house gecko above me. Surrounding the computer are vegetable starts: chili, pepper, tomato, katuk, cranberry hibiscus, pumpkin. There’s pomelo seeds drying and a mabola slowly moldering. At the other end of the deck a load of cacao is fermenting beside some sea grape seeds. Yes, all is well.
I’ve been sick, with parasites and the concoction of herbs I’ve been taking has created a massive die-off which has lowered my energy and resistance, so I have a sore throat and a cold too. But I think I’m on the turn. I’ve been running ragged for the last two weeks preparing the house and gardens for visitors, but they are now here and happy which is a load off my mind and work schedule. I’m tired, but it’s good.
My mum flies in next week for two weeks and I’m very excited. It’s been almost three years since I’ve seen her and this is the first time she’s ever travelled on her own. It’s also the first time she’s ever been to the tropics, but I think she’ll like it.