Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monster returns

Monster's back. I saw him outside with the moths on Monday night. I recognised him instantly: missing one antenna, scuffed wings - tell tale battle scars. I hurried by him, hoping he was just passing through. On Tuesday morning he was fighting with Norah and Tita, scudding across the floor on his back clacking madly. I swept him out and shut the door. On Wednesday morning Norah was making this awful noise, a kind of hysterical chuck chucking sound. When I rushed out the shower I saw monster clinging to her neck while she in a panic was trying to bite it, but couldn't reach. Now there were two of us panicking. I knocked it off and smacked it with the broom, sweeping it outside and off the porch. I know I didn't kill it. He'll be back. As I look around the room I now see another one above the sink. It's impossible that such a thing can exist.