Sunday, October 15, 2006

back to it

Seems like I got stuck on the phantasy of Montezuma for a while there. Isn't it strange how tropical beaches have the unerring ability to capture your energy and send you into sleep? But life continues.
I've been sick with some sort of flu this week and haven't enjoyed it at all: something about the idea of having to walk while sick and drenched with sweat frightened me. I'm okay now, it's become grippe, a plain old cold.

The weather is marvellous today and has been for weeks. This is the rainy season, the dreaded October but there has been very little rain. Wonderful for us but not so very good for the forest or for the farmers. The wind has been coming from the north, the Caribbean, pushing all the rain clouds back over the Pacific. From my classroom one can watch the daily tussle between the ocean winds, the kids and I cheer for the north wind because it means outdoor recess. What shallow ecological beings we are. December 1st marks the beginning of the dry season - or at least the transition to dry, I wonder what will happen then if it doesn't rain now? The top of the mountain is bathed in clouds, I think that's called horizontal precipitation, so there's moisture but that's not enough. I'm sure most species can survive a dry wet season: one does think a lot more about climate change when living in an endangered zone.