Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's been a month since I really wrote on this, and you know how that gets: too much to say and none of it relevant to the moment.

We had our first week off and went to Montezuma. I want to live in Montezuma. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it's a tiny, friendly place dominated by hippies. I spent the five days there with a delicious array of locals sitting on the beach eating coconuts and gazing at the ocean. It was paradise. It's very hot there and one sweats constantly. Anything is too much to wear. The locals don't wear much. There are monkeys in the trees, there are waterfalls, there are fantastic banana milkshakes. There is a small 2 roomed schoolhouse on the beach. I have to say it, the place really needs a waldorf school. I considered moving there to begin a non-profit organisation dealing with the horrific amounts of plastic trash on a couple of the beaches that come from the cruise ships. I'm still thinking about that. Montezuma was so lovely I went back the following weekend. People recognized me, I loved it.

School began again and it was much more pleasant: the kids and I seem to have established a baseline of expectations and behaviour. The curriculum is more interesting this block too, thank dios. We at last began the reforestation sessions, I'm grateful for these albeit short classes - after all that's why I came here. I'm experiencing the ideal versus real quandry I seem to experience everywhere. Seems a bit early this time.