Friday, June 06, 2008


Ah, so nice to be home. Mondays and Tuesdays are my longest days, I don’t get home til after 5, which leaves a scant 40 minutes or so before the sun sets. Just about time enough to check the garden, water where necessary, move seedlings, flick grasshoppers off things and wonder if I should be killing them instead.
Now it’s dark, the dogs are eating coconut from the shell (they come running when they hear the tell tale sound of coconut shell on concrete) and I’m waiting for the kettle to boil and thinking if I can wait to open the pineapple. I think I can. I want to dry it and will have more time tomorrow. It rained last night – thank goodness. After all that rain we had last week we’ve been dry for 3 days – it was a very welcome change until I discovered that the pipe that feeds the sink and shower had somehow come loose and emptied two water tanks. Bucket baths from the overflow tanks for three days. The tanks aren’t yet full but there was enough for a quick shower this morning. A hot shower is a wonderful thing and something to be appreciated. In Guanacaste I lived without for 9 months and here it can be off and on. The feel of hot soapy water on tired, sweaty skin cannot be underestimated. In trying to live a more conscious life I think showering and eating are the times when I might manage to be fully present in the moment – for a moment. It’s a good exercise for me as it’s so easy to get lost on some track of thought and time to slip by unawares.