Tuesday, June 03, 2008

small animal notes

This morning I awoke to find a Leaf Nosed Bat hanging from my mosquito net. He was beautifully enfolded inside his wings, wrapped around him in true Dracula style, hanging from two toenails. The flap on his nose was almost as big as his ears and he was such a dark brown to be almost black. He was about 3 inches long. I thought to move him and when I began to lift the net to let him out he watched me with the shiniest beadiest black eye. I’ll wait to dusk when he’ll be happier. How he got inside the net I don’t know.
There are many baby lizards around at the moment. I was finding perfectly white round single eggs all over: under the bed, in the shower, behind the dishes on the shelf, everywhere solitary white eggs. Now there are little lizards exactly like the adults but ½ the length of my finger, including tail. They are a little dopey and easily caught in would be dangerous situations; getting swept up with the dust or crawling into rain jackets and appearing again on a sleeve on the ride home. I wonder what the survival rate is? Enough, there are a lot of lizards.
Something is eating my soap. It’s a very nice seaweed soap and I don’t want it eaten. I even put it away in a soapbox and some cheeky rodent, I presume from the tooth marks, got into it and ate a lot last night. It must have some good fat in it. I remember making soap with a seventh grade class and while it was curing some mice got into it and ate a good ¼ of it. We had used coconut and olive oil. Well, someone has blue sudsy poop out there in the jungle.