Thursday, June 19, 2008

warms the cockles

Waiting for a download today, and for my laundry, I had some time to browse blogs. I’m happy to see so many sustainable / eco-viable / alternative homesteading/organic gardening blogs online, quite a community! It would be so nice if there was some collective of such blogs. I know there are directories and online communities: blogcatalog, tribe, folio, blotanical for example, but to have an online home for sustainable blogs somehow tied in with other eco-sites and resources would be great. At least for me. It’s great to see so many people thinking about alternatives and putting their thoughts – and ideals – into practice.
Rather on the same note, though from a different perspective to be sure, was an article on rising fuel costs. Riots and demonstrations, strikes and blockades in Spain, France, South Korea, India and Scotland. I can’t help but feel this is a positive step forward in changing attitudes and looking for alternatives. I hope so. I understand that for those lorry drivers it doesn’t present itself as positive, but in the larger picture the more pressure people feel in the current paradigm, the more pressure to find alternatives, you know?